Philly Homes for Youth is a coalition of providers, stakeholders, and youth that care about ending youth homelessness. Each committee meets on its set schedule. Members of the public that want to participate in the work of the committee should email the coordinator for more information.

To join a committee fill out this form or email:


The Executive Committee includes the co-chairs of all other committees and the coalition co-chairs. Here is a link to a list of the coalition’s accomplishments. 
On May 1, 2020 – the coalition sent OHS an letter about why we need morefunding for FY 2021. See it here.


The communications committee oversees the creation of content that brings attention to the issues and amplifies solutions. 

Chair – Colleen Landy


The housing committee identifies strategies to get youth and those turning 21 into safe and stable homes.

Co Chair – Brendan Taliaferro

Mental Health

The mental health committee works with partners to address the mental health needs of the those youth experiencing homelessness. Here is a list of recommendation that the committee oversees. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Join the committee for more details.

Co-Chairs: Cameron McConkey & Jase Elam


The policy committee is the newest group. They monitor federal and state legislation and budgetary needs and develop action plans for the policy priorities of the coalition. The committee also oversees the requests[document known as System Asks] that we have for local and state government.


The Prevention Committee monitors the implementation of our Value Driven Policy Documents
Co-chairs: Marion Campbell &  David Fair