About the Coalition

Our Mission

To work with stakeholders to end youth homelessness in Philadelphia

Our Vision

A Philadelphia community where every child lives in a loving home supported by a thriving community.

Our History

The Philly Homes 4 Youth coalition is a group of dedicated representatives from more than 40  public and private youth-serving organizations, as well as young people with experience with homelessness, who have come together with the goal of ending youth homelessness in Philadelphia. The Philly Homes 4 Youth coalition evolved out of the 100 Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness, which was spearheaded by the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services.

Philadelphia was the first city to utilize the Rapid Results Institute’s 100 Day model to create a team focused on youth homelessness. This initiative was an unprecedented effort to bring together Philadelphia’s public and private youth-serving entities, with the goal of improving the systems of care for youth at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness.

How We're Making a Change

Supportive Services

Provide a comprehensive range of supportive services to support independent living skills development and long-term housing stability for youth experiencing housing instability

  • Enhance mental health support services for youth being served by the homeless services system
  • Increase opportunities for employment training and job opportunities for youth being served by the homeless services system
  • Support educational success and enhance educational opportunities for youth being served by the homeless services system
  • Support independent living skills development opportunities for youth

Continuum of Housing Services

Create a robust continuum of youth-centric solutions for young people experiencing housing instability, including emergency and long-term housing options

  • Increase number of youth designated housing beds
  • Research innovative housing models in order to fill gaps in continuum of services and expand array of resources
  • Improve the quality of services youth receive through all phases of the housing process (from the front door and throughout the continuum), by equipping staff with tools and training
  • Create and maintain a user-friendly, transparent housing inventory

Prevention of Youth Homeless

Prevent youth from experiencing homelessness through improved policy and practice, and enhanced resource allocation, with a focus on youth exiting systems (schools, child welfare, justice)

  • Improve transition planning for youth exiting foster care
  • Improve re-entry planning for youth exiting juvenile justice system
  • Enhance coordination with Philadelphia schools to identify youth at risk of homelessness
  • Create family reunification resources and supports for youth experiencing housing instability

Coordinated Entry & Assessment

Create a coordinated youth and young adult system in which the system is able to identify, screen and refer youth in need, and youth experiencing housing instability know where and how to access services

  • Identify all youth who are experiencing homelessness and create a system to monitor time to placement
  • Utilize youth voice and provider voice to inform Philadelphia coordinated entry planning
  • Ensure that youth know how and where to access services if they experience housing instability and that services are low-barrier and trauma-informed

Special Thank You to Everyone Involved in Our Effort to End Youth Homelessness!